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  1. Do the Protocol with a friend.  You will keep each other motivated.  Checking in with a friend via phone, email, or text message will keep you motivated and on track.  Trade recipes and food ideas to keep things fresh. 
  2.  Try an online support group like hcg Support Group.   http://www.hcgsupportgroup.com   They have an excellant forum and you can create an online journal to record all of your successes.  Add a ticker to keep a visual of your losses too.  I love the inspiration I always recieve when I read  of others victories.  If you don't have a buddy to do the Protocol with you can find someone in the group who is at the same place you are.  Give encouragement and receive a ton back! 
  3. Try some Shiritaki noodles - they may also be labeled Shirataki, Konjac, Yam noodles, or Miracle noodles.  They are made from an asian tuber and have so much fiber that they negate the carbs.  Many have found they still lose when they supplement their diet with these noodles.  You can find them online, at Whole foods, and also asian markets.  Try them in broth with veggies or even in a tomato base.  They will taste like whatever you add to them. 
  4. Some people have success with eating the same food everyday.  It sure makes life easy when you don't have to think about what you will be eating for your next meal. 
  5. Others like the challenge of creating a menu with the limited options available.  I personally prefer a variety while still having my "go to" meals on hand.  Cooking a bunch of chicken ahead of time and freezing them in the correct proportions works for me. 
  6. Have you tried Walden Farm Salad Dressing?  They are a refreshing change to lemon juice or vinegar. 
  7. A "Naked Burrito" at Chipotle's is a great eat out food.  I can even stretch it to two meals.  Salsa as salad dressing is awesome.