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Did You See the Dr. Oz 

Show About HCG?

Many watched with interest as Dr. Oz discussed the seemingly contradictory reports on HCG.  You can watch it yourself by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page. 

As a happy, thinner, energetic homeopathic HCG user I was wondering how the show would proceed.  To my surprise Dr. Oz was pretty open minded.  He being a doctor, has a difficult time imagining that a person can eat only 500 calories per day and not be hungry.  Dr. Oz does admit that it is compelling to see so many success stories. 

One thing I was hoping would be addressed is how homeopathic HCG works versus the injectible or sublingual HCG.  One of the experts on his program said that homeopathic HCG has only trace amounts of HCG and the only way anyone can have their appetite suppressed using it, is by the placebo effect.  All the experts agree that anyone on a 500 calorie dies would lose drastic weight.  He was partially right. 

Homeopathics really do only have trace amounts of HCG, one of the reasons why I like it so much.  I am a little scared of the full strength HCG and the possible side affects it may have.  Here is a link that explains how homeopathics work while only containing an imprint of the original product.   http://www.endo-resolved.com/homeopathy-works.html

While two people on the show did have problems with their HCG experience it is very unusual to have these and they could have tried a couple of things to eliminate them.  Please call us if you have any problems at all so we can help you through them.  We want you to enjoy 
your HCG experience.